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About us

Nonatec is the smallest RFID transponder available in the market.

This tag is the best way to identify and track small animals, old seals, surgical instruments, jewels, dentals, works of art, bottle of wines, an infinite kind of things... Be creative... Nonatec tags is offering you a very powerful management tool.

The NONATEC transponder is the smallest tag RFID of the market. This new technology, based on the frequency 13,56MHz, makes it possible to identify and trace the small animals of laboratory of reliable manner. The NONATEC transponder contains the last generation of electronic chip Philips® MFO IC U1. This rewritable chip allows reading and data recording up to 10000 times: it is the best mean of identifying and tracing the small animals during all their life, by offering a ultra powerful management of the data to you . Tag RFID NONATEC is also a security tool. Thanks to its single and universal identifying code, it guarantees their unfalsifiability and data security to you. The tag NONATEC is delivered in an ergonomic syringe designed for an easy implantation in the small animal. The small diameter of 1,2 mm of the needle makes it possible to implant transponder RFID without clash for the animal and this a few days after its birth. This small size thus allows an early traceability and also makes it possible to answer problems of ethics. Indeed, its miniaturization avoids the useless anguishes and pains which could moreover falsify the tests in progress. Each syringe, containing a tag RFID ready for the injection, is conditioned individually and sterilized. Tag RFID NONATEC is inert within the animal. Its bulb of biocompatible glass guarantees the innocuity of this mode of traceability. It is very resistant to the shocks. The electronic identification with the tag NONATEC is reliable and inalterable during all the life of the animal. Tag RFID NONATEC can be also used in the identification and the traceability of the dental implants, of the surgical instruments, of the works of art